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Core Assets is a premier, Toronto-based Real Estate Brokerage achieving exceptional results for both our clients and brokers.

Core Assets Real Estate (CARE) is a premier Toronto-based residential real estate brokerage. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service that is always reliable, consistent and transparent. We achieve this by taking a professional and corporate approach to our business and yours.

We work with an exclusive group of clients that desire a higher quality of service and excellence. This uncompromising commitment and dedication to higher standards has given the team a reputation as elite Brokers and is evident in our past results. Our approach is unique: we believe that combining a holistic approach with an investment focus, understanding individual circumstances and strategizing first and acting second creates a powerful platform for success. For us, strong goals drive compelling results and are critical to empowering our clients.

We bring more than just sales to real estate; we deliver tremendous value through our expertise in Brokerage, Advisory and Investment Services. As a result, we aim to work with clients that have tangible, long-term real estate goals. Our clients are typically professionals, executives, ‘mom and pop’ investors, small syndications and builders. They are also our friends and at the end of the day, we care deeply about their success.

As professionals, we are profoundly dedicated to our craft and have an unwavering commitment to leading edge tools, education and industry information. Our brokers perform as a team with a very clear mandate to collaborate, listen and learn together.

Our office is centrally located in Old Town Toronto just steps from the beautiful St. Lawrence Market.



At Core Assets, our services were built entirely on our core values and our dedication to exceptional results. We firmly believe that every client has a story and understanding these personal circumstances requires a holistic approach to establishing short and long-term real estate goals. It also means that we thrive on building and maintaining personal relationships.

We start by understanding our clients fundamental needs and establishing a game plan. Next, we use our expertise in brokerage services to help you buy, sell or lease real estate. We leverage this process by tracking the market, understanding the inventory, and monitoring absorption rates and sales data.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services were designed to assist some clients beyond the typical real estate transaction and ensure a smooth transition from idea to market. With feet on the ground, Core Assets can offer clients a unique perspective and market insight.

Brokerage Services

At Core Assets, we specialize in marketing and packaging your real estate to the open market. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease real estate, our team of experts will guide you skillfully from beginning to end.

Investment Services

Our investment team specializes in multi-residential and mixed-use properties. As trusted advisors, we aim to provide consumers with the same level of services that pension funds and REIT’s receive from larger commercial firms. Our goal is to maximize returns and mitigate risk.

What We Offer?

Strategy and Planning

Where would a great plan be without strategy? At Core Assets, we take pride in establishing a measurable game plan that will ensure success. We do this at every step of the way whether you are acquiring a new investment property or listing your family home.


Core Assets excels at listing and presenting your property to the public through our extensive and proven marketing program. Our Brokers specialize in selling everything from luxury homes to multi-family residential. View our sold properties or find an expert now.

Property Analysis

Our Investment Services team is highly skilled at evaluating investment properties, financial modeling and performing due diligence on potential investment properties. Our investor clients benefit from a holistic approach to understanding the opportunity as it relates to your personal circumstances.

Developer Solutions

The biggest problem that we see in the marketplace is when developers / builders are out-of-touch with what the consumer wants. Our Developer Solutions are designed to help you make the right decisions with layout, design, marketing and timing. Our past clients include small residential infill developers to large cap development projects.


When it comes to acquiring real estate, the Core Assets team is exceptionally versatile to handle any type of purchase from a downtown condo to a complex land-assembly. Our brokers come from a diverse background in residential and commercial real estate.

Property Reporting

For some of our clients, we offer a comprehensive reporting tool that allows them to keep tabs on their investment property and growing equity. We can help you understand how your investment is doing based on a cash flow analysis, principal repayment and property appreciation.

Project Management

Managing small jobs or renovations is difficult when you are a busy person. At Core Assets, our services don’t end after you buy or sell a house. We have a list of reliable and trustworthy contractors that we use to coordinate and manage these tasks.

Lease/Client Representation

Whether it is a short-term business relocation or lease negotiation on behalf of a landlord, Core Assets is equipped to ensure a smooth transition through our leasing services. Our team of highly skilled Brokers can add value by understanding your needs and leveraging today’s market trends, data and tactics.

Market Research

Staying in tune with the market allows you stay informed and make stronger decisions when it comes time to take action. Our company monitors and tracks this information so that we can pass it along to you.

Our Team


Our goal is simple: build a team that shares our core values, aspires to deliver exceptional consumer experiences and is driven by a passion for real estate. As a result, we have become a cohesive group of agents with a diverse background in real estate, financial services, law and so much more. Our diversity helps to define who we are as a business and gives us the foundation to achieve remarkable results in the marketplace.

As a team, we are deeply committed to our craft and have an unwavering commitment to an open forum, exchange of information and above all else, resources. This builds trust on our team and is evident in our testimonials and continuous loop of referrals from past clients.

We’re hiring! Please email us below for more information.

Team Members

Adam Brind
Adam Brind
Partner / Broker of Record
T: (647) 520-0085 E: adam@coreassets.ca

Paul Siksna
Paul Siksna
Partner / Broker
T: (905) 767-5029 E: paul@coreassets.ca

Jordan Rasberry
Jordan Rasberry
Partner / Sales Representative
T: (416) 618-8491 E: jordan@coreassets.ca
John O'Connor
John O’Connor
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (416) 659-0975 E: john@coreassets.ca

Marlene Neves
Marlene Neves
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (647) 403-6627 E: marlene@coreassets.ca

Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (647) 525-6152 E: chris@coreassets.ca

Jen Heakes
Jen Heakes
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (647) 330-9423 E: jennifer@coreassets.ca

Claudia Cheung
Claudia Cheung
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (416) 618-6795 E: claudia@coreassets.ca

Maya Kozierowski
Maya Kozierowski
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (647) 986-6292 E: maya@coreassets.ca

Chris Bresolin
Chris Bresolin
Associate / Sales Representative
T: (416) 473-5449 E: cbresolin@coreassets.ca

Haris Shaikh
Haris Shaikh
E: haris@coreassets.ca

Emmet Molyneux
Emmet Molyneux
Marketing Coordinator / Deal Administrator
E: emmet@coreassets.ca



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